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Bluebird – Charlie Parker

Standard jazz swing manouche

Blue skies – Irving Berlin

Blue skies smilin' at me Nothin' but blue skies do I see Bluebirds singin' a song

Blue moon – Richard Rodgers

Blue moon You saw me standing alone Without a dream in my heart

Blue drag – Josef Myrow

Standard jazz swing manouche

Alors? …voila! – Romane

Standard jazz swing manouche

Alembert’s – Henri Crolla

Standard jazz swing manouche...

Black orpheus – Luiz Bonfá

I'll sing to the sun in the sky, I'll sing till the sun rises high, Carnival time is here,

Billet doux – Maurice Yvain

Les femmes voudraient garder toujours Les lettres d’amour Témoins des généreux serments

Bill bailey won’t you please come home – Hughie Cannon

Won't you come home, Bill Bailey, won't you come home? I've moaned the whole night long I'll do the cookin', honey, I'll pay the rent

Bernie’s tune – Bernie Miller

In the park, in the dark underneath the moon Hear a boy and a girl hummin' Bernie's Tune. Went to sleep countin' sheep by a blue lagoon

Benir bist du schon – Sholom Secunda

Of all the boys I've known, and I've known some Until I first met you, I was lonesome And when you came in sight, dear, my heart grew light

Bella ciao – trad

Una mattina mi son svegliata O bella ciao, o bella ciao, o bella ciao ciao ciao Una mattina mi son svegliata

Believe it beloved – James C Johnson

Oh believe it, beloved, because it's true, You're all that I want you to be. You're a darling adorable devil to

Bei dir war es immer so schon – Theo Mackeben

Bei dir war es immer so schön Und es fällt mir unsagbar schwer, zu geh'n Denn nur bei dir war ich wirklich zuhaus'

Begin the Beguine – Cole Porter

When they begin the beguine  It brings back the sound of music so tender, It brings back a night of tropical splendor,

Beautiful love – Victor Young

Beautiful love, you're all a mystery Beautiful love, what have you done to me? I was contented 'till you came along

Babik – Django Reinhardt

Standard jazz swing manouche

Avalon – Vincent Rose

I found my love in Avalon Beside the bay. I left my love in Avalon And I sailed away

Aurore – Fapy Lafertin

Standard jazz swing manouche

Anouman – Django Reinhardt

standard jazz swing manouche

Amoureux – Titi Winterstein

Standard jazz swing manouche

All the thing you are – Jerome Kern

You are the promised kiss of springtime That makes the lonely winter seem long You are the breathless hush of evening That trembles on the brink of a lovely song





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