Achin’ Hearted Blues – Clarence Johnson

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Sidney Bechet


Listen folks, it’s no joke, I’m blue as I can be
Lost my man, my lovin’ man today, he went away
And left me weepin’ like a willow tree, I’m lonesome, gee!

Got those doggone achin’ hearted blues, ’bout my baby
Want someone to tell my worried news
I’ve lost the bestest man on earth, I’m sad and weary now
To me my lovin’ man is worth, his weight in gold, I vow
If I could get him back I’d be so good, to my daddy
Treat him right just like a good pal should, indeed I would
My conscience is whippin’ me, I’m down-hearted as can be
(Left me daddy, that ain’t all, you’re the cause of my downfall)
I’ve learned a lesson, I’m confessin’, I’ve got those achin’ hearted blues

Got the blues, got the blues, my head is bended low
Misery is takin’ hold of me, oh, woe is me
My lamp of love is burnin’ down I know, I’m worried so


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Artistes Jazz          Standards Jazz

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