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Corcovado (Quiet Nights) – Antônio Carlos Jobim

Quiet nights of quiet stars Quiet chords from my guitar Floating on the silence that surrounds us

A little love a little kiss – Lao Silesu

When the phantom night of summer covers Field and city with a veil of blue All the lanes are full of straying lovers

My melancoly baby – Ernie Burnett

Come to me my melancholy baby.Cuddle up and don't be blue.All your fears are foolish fancies, baby.You know dear that I'm in love with you.

Fly me to the moon – Bart Howard

Fly me to the moon Let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like

A night in tunisia – Dizzy Gillespie

Standard bossa jazz swing manouche

Tico Tico – Zequinha de Abreu

Tico tico par ci Tico tico par la Dans tout Séville on n'entend plus que ce nom là Il passe par ici Il va passer par là Comme il est beau dans son costume de galaCoiffé d'un sombrero ...

My foolish heart – Victor Young

The night is like a lovely tuneBeware my foolish heartHow white the ever constant moonTake care my foolish heart

My Funny Valentine – Richard Rodgers

My funny valentineSweet comic valentineYou make me smile with my heartYour looks are laughableUnphotographableYet you're my favourite work of art

My blue heaven – Walter Donaldson

Whippoorwills call, evenin' is nighHurry to my Blue HeavenTurn to the right, there's a little white lightWill lead you to my Blue Heaven

Move – Denzil Best

Standard jazz manouche

Moonlight in Vermont – Karl Suessdorf – John Blackburn

Pennies in a streamFalling leaves a sycamoreMoonlight in VermontIcy finger wavesSki trails on a mountain sideSnowlight in Vermont

Mood indigo – Duke Ellington / Barney Bigard

You ain't been blue; no, no, noYou ain't been blueTill you've had that mood indigoThat feelin' goes stealin' down to my shoesWhile I sit and sigh, "Go 'long blues"

Moonglow – Irving Mills / Will Hudson

It must have been moonglowWay up in the blueIt must have been moonglowThat led me straight to you

Misty – Erroll Garner Michel Petrucciani

Look at me, I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree;And I feel like I'm clingin' to a cloudI can't understandI get misty, just holding your hand

Mister Sandman – Pat Ballard

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream (bung, bung, bung, bung)Make him the cutest that I've ever seen (bung, bung, bung, bung)Give him two lips like roses and clover (bung, bung, bung, bung)Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over.

Shine – Ford Dabney / Lew Brown / Cecil Mack

Cause my hair is curlyJust because my teeth are pearlyJust because I always wear a smileLike to dress up, in the latest style

le temps du muguet (Midnight in Moscow) – Vassili Soloviov-Sedoï

Il est revenu le temps du muguetComme un vieil ami retrouvé,Il est revenu flâner le long du quaiJusqu'au banc où je t'attendais.Et j'ai vu refleurirL'éclat de son sourire,Aujourd'hui plus beau que jamais.

Ménilmontant – Charles Trénet

Menilmontant, mais oui, Madame C'est là que j'ai laissé mon coeur  C'est là que j'viens retrouver Mon âme, toute ma flamme Tout mon bonheur

Marie – Irving Berlin

Marie, the dawn is breakingMarie, you'll soon be wakingTo find your heart is aching




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