Cours de guitare Jazz Swing Manouche Tablatures, Partitions…

Apprendre et travailler les morceaux  Jazz Swing Manouche…


  • Partition et tablature ( PDF et Vidéo)
  • Accords de bases et enrichis
  • Grilles de bases et enrichies
  • Analyse de la grille
  • Play-back
  • Séquence de travail


After youv’ve gone – Turner Layton 1918

After you've gone and left me crying After you've gone there's no denying You'll feel blue you'll feel sad You'll miss the dearest pal you've ever had There'll come a time, now don't forget it There'll come ...Lire la suite ...

A night in tunisia – Dizzy Gillespie

The moon is the same moon above you Aglow with its cool evening light But shining at night, in Tunisia Never does it shine so bright...Lire la suite ...


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