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I’m forever blowing bubbles – Jean Kenbrovin / John William Kellette

I'm forever blowing bubbles
Pretty bubbles in the air
They fly so high, nearly reach the skyLire la suite ...

I’ll see you in my dreams – Isham Jones / Gus Kahn

I'll see you in my dreams
And then I'll hold you in my dreams
Someone took you right out of my armsLire la suite ...

I’ll remember April – Gene De Paul / Don Raye – Patricia Johnston

This lovely day will lengthen into evening
We'll sigh goodbye to all we ever had
Alone where we have walked togetherLire la suite ...

I’ll never be the same – Matty Malneck / Gus Kahn

I'll never be the same
Guys have lost their meaning for me
I'll never be the sameLire la suite ...

I wonder where my baby is tonight – Walter Donaldson

I wonder where my baby is tonight
I wonder how my baby is tonight
I wonder where she's gone and how she's getting onLire la suite ...

I won’t dance – Jerome Kern

I won't dance, don't ask me
I won't dance, don't ask me
I won't dance Madame with youLire la suite ...

I will wait for you – Michel Legrand

Mais je ne pourrai jamais vivre sans toi
je ne pourrai pas ne pars pas, j'en mourrai
Je te cacherai et je te garderaiLire la suite ...

I wanna be loved by you – Harry Ruby / Herbert Stothart

I wanna be loved by you, just you
And nobody else but you
I wanna be loved by you aloneLire la suite ...

I surrender dear – Harry Barris – Gordon Clifford

We've played the game of 'stay away'
But it costs more than I can pay
Without you I can't make my wayLire la suite ...

I saw stars – Al Hoffman / Freddy Martin

I saw stars
I heard a birdie sing
So sweet, so sweetLire la suite ...

I remember you – Victor Schertzinger

Was it in tahiti?
Were we on the nile?
Long, long ago,Lire la suite ...

I love you – Cole Porter

I'm in the mood for love
Simply because you're near me.
Funny, but when you're near meLire la suite ...

I can’t give you anything but love – Jimmy McHugh

I can't give you anything but love... Baby
That's the only thing there's plenty of... Baby
Dream a while... Scheme a whileLire la suite ...

I can’t get starded – Vernon Duke

I've flown around the world in a plane
I've settled revolutions in Spain
And the North Pole I have chartedLire la suite ...

I can’t believe that you’re in love with me – Jimmy McHugh

Your eyes so blue
Your kisses too
I never knew what they could doLire la suite ...

Hungaria – Django Reinhardt

Standard jazz swing manoucheLire la suite ...

How insensitive – Antônio Carlos Jobim

How insensitive I must have seemed
When he told me that he loved me
How unmoved and cold I must have seemedLire la suite ...

How high the moon – Morgan Lewis

Somewhere there's music
How faint the tune
Somewhere there's heaven
How high the moon
There is no moon aboveLire la suite ...

Honeysuckle Rose – Fats Waller

Every honeybee
Sighs with jealousy
When they see you out with meLire la suite ...

Heaven – Duke Ellington

Heaven, my dream
Heaven, divine
Heaven supreme
Heaven come byLire la suite ...

Have you met miss Jones – Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart

now I believe in matter over mind.
And now you see we mustn't wait
the nearest moment that we marry is too late!Lire la suite ...

Harlem nocturne – Dick Rogers / Earle Hagen

A nocturne for the blues,
Played on a broken heart string.
It's wailing out the news,Lire la suite ...

H C Q strut – Django Reinhardt

Standard jazz swing manoucheLire la suite ...

Gypsy fire – Romane

Standard jazz swing manoucheLire la suite ...

Good Old Days · Leroy Shield

Standard jazz swing manoucheLire la suite ...

Georgia on My Mind – Hoagy Carmichael

Georgia, Georgia
The whole day through (the whole day through)
Just an old sweet songLire la suite ...

Frolic – Luciano Michelini

Standard jazz swing manoucheLire la suite ...

Four on six – Wes Montgomery

Standard jazz swing manoucheLire la suite ...

For Sephora – Rosenberg trio

Standard bossa jazz manoucheLire la suite ...




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