Ain’t cha glad – Fats Waller / Andy Razaf


Benny Goodman – Jack Teagarden


Dinah Washington



Ain’t cha glad 

Fats Waller – Andy Razaf



Ain’t cha glad
we were made for each other
ain’t cha glad
that we waited for each other
we agree
life is just a sympathy
in perfect harmony

ain’t cha glad
how we get along together
ain’t cha glad
we can laugh at stormy weather
folks declare
what a pair
they can see we’re happy

aint cha glad
just like perfect lovers
on picture covers
inspite of sun or rain
we’ll find romance
every place we meet is lovers lane

aint cha glad
that our kisses keep their flavor
aint cha glad
everything is in our flavor
we can say
everything is rosy
ain’t cha glad


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