Bernie’s tune – Bernie Miller

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Gerry Mulligan Quartet 

In the park, in the dark underneath the moon
Hear a boy and a girl hummin’ Bernie’s Tune.
Went to sleep countin’ sheep by a blue lagoon
Heard a frog on a log croakin’ Bernie’s Tune.

It’s so easy to whistle, It’s so easy to sing
Even hummingbirds hum it, it’s the thing.

Office clerks, soda jerks whistle Bernie’s Tune
Millionaires, even squares whistle Bernie’s Tune.

Hark the lark in the park crazy as a loon
In a tree skillfully singing Bernie’s Tune.
Little kids go to school singin’ Bernie’s Tune
Gurglin’ brooks, bubblin’ pools babble Bernie’s Tune.

You don’t have to read music, you don’t have to be smart
Bernie says you can sing it from the heart.

So if you happen to get the urge to croon
Take a tip, man, get hip, make it Bernie’s Tune.

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