At a georgia camp meeting – KERRY MILLS 1897


Sidney Bechet


Lu Watters – Yerba Buena


Frederick A. Mills











At a Georgia camp meeting

Kerry Mills 



A camp meeting took place
By the colored race
Way down in Georgia
There were coons large and small
Lanky lean fat and tall
At this great coon camp-meeting
When church was out
How the “Sisters” did shout
They were so happy
But the young folks were tired
And wished to be inspired
And hired a big brass band

When that band of darkies began to play
Pretty music so gay
Hats were then thrown away
Thought them foolish coons
Their necks would break
When they quit laughing and talking
And went to walking
For a big choc’late cake


The old “Sisters” raised sand
When they first heard the band
Way down in Georgia
The preacher did rare
And the deacons did stare
At the young darkies prancing
The band played so sweet
That nobody could eat
‘Twas so entrancing
So the church folks agree’d
‘Twas not a sinful deed
And joined in with the rest


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